Bosch GDR18V-LIN 18V Li-Ion Impact Driver

If you are a professional trade’s person, you will want to have the best tools available. Even if you are only using them at home, reliable tools will last you a long time. Bosch has long been making reliable power tools for professional and home use (lowest price).

bosch cordless impact driverThe Bosch Professional GDR18V-LIN is an example of how an affordable impact driver can still be reliable and fully functional. This review will highlight some of the features of this well-designed product.

  • It boasts the shortest and most powerful multifunctional 18-volt compact driver. This will give you a great performance.
  • There are three modes that you can choose from, impact drive, low and high. You will have precise control over the work you are doing.
  • With a torque rating of 160Nn, it is one of the highest in its class. It means that you will be able to remove all those difficult screws and bolts.
  • The product weighs just 1.5kg which is incredibly light for the power. You won’t get too much fatigue working with this unit.
  • The 18-volt battery is designed to last for a long time and be quick to recharge. This is so you won’t be left waiting too long.

Overall, the Bosch Professional GDR18V-LIN is a very versatile product. Not only can it drive and remove bolts, but it can also deal with those difficult screws. The very compact design and light weight make it perfect for any job.

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