Worx Circular Saw Review 2018 – 2019

Circular Saw By Works – The Review

There are many things that a circular saw can do. That is why so many people like it, especially in the building trade. But there are certain limitations that bigger saws have. This is where a more compact circular saw can be very beneficial. This includes cutting materials that larger saws can’t manage.

This review features the Worx WX427 XL 700W Compact Circular saw (learn more here!). It will list some of its best features and basic functions.

  • Being smaller than other saws of this type, it can be carried around very easily. It can also be operated by one hand.
  • This latest model has more power and an increased cutting depth of up to 46 mm. This gives you, even more, scope to use this tool.
  • Because of its compact design and smaller blade, it can cut materials that larger saws can’t. This includes tiles and masonry.
  • The saw comes with a 10-meter cable which is long enough for you to reach even the hardest places without having to take a power source with you.
  • It comes with a laser guide that will accurately shine a straight line in front of the saw. This eliminates the need for lines to be drawn or measured.
  • With the product comes a selection of blades to cope with many types of material. These include blades for brickwork, metal, and wood.

The Worx WX427 XL 700W is a very useful tool that can let you work in smaller spaces. It has a number of nice features including the laser sight that will make your work a lot easier. With these and the improvements they have made to the power, this circular saw will make a great addition to your power tools.


Features: Compact Design – Laser Guide – 10 Meter Cable

Pricing: Mid-Range





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