Best Black & Decker Cordless Screwdrivers – Review 2019 – 2020

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Top 3 cordless drills

We are fortunate to live in a time when so many grueling physical tasks are made simple with the application of a little extra power. And few things are as convenient as cordless electric drills. These handheld devices make life easy by doing the work that your arms and wrists would have done in days gone by, to drill holes or drive screws.

Electric drills make difficult repair or building jobs a breeze and, with rechargeable batteries, can be truly portable and do away with annoying, trip-hazard cables. Many include the option to reverse the direction of rotation to help with unscrewing stubborn screws.

While many models of cordless drill do pretty much the same thing, there’s enough difference between them in terms of power, battery life, ergonomic design or other factors to give one pause when it comes to choosing one.

How to choose the best cordless drill

The main advantage of electric cordless drills is their ability to apply more force to the screw or drill than a hand could normally manage. This can help you to focus on driving the screw in a controlled manner, making construction projects ideally hold together more firmly and tidily.

Form factor

A drill has to fit comfortably in your hand; it’s a lively instrument, and the motor will cause it to shake and vibrate in your grip, especially when running at full steam. A poorly ergonomically designed hand drill will cause aches and pains and may even slip out of your grasp. And it will be used in all kinds of orientations.

Battery life

What’s the point of bragging about your new cordless drill if, five minutes after charging it, it slows to a chug in your hands when turning a simple screw? So clearly, decent battery life is a huge plus for a drill, making them useful for complicated jobs that need the drill close at hand, not constantly tucked away plugged into the wall.

Best cordless drills

Our reviews have taken into account the above features as well as considering other matters, such as torque and also the consumer reviews from those who are using these products already.

Black & Decker CS3651LC-GB 3.6V Lithium-ion Screwdriver

Adorned in the famous orange and black livery of Black and Decker, this drill is a decent all-rounder for general at-home DIY jobs. Sporting a rechargeable battery, it can be taken to just about any quick and dirty screwdriving work with no cables or clutter.

Features include:

  • It’s lightweight, and compact, ideal for flat pack furniture assembly or hanging hinges
  • comfortably-angled soft grip with large switch for better control
  • Conveniently, a built-in LED light allows for its use in poorly-lit areas such as in cupboards or under the sink
  • Forward and reverse switch

This is a popular no-frills model of cordless drill, suitable for quick fix jobs about the home. It is comfortable to hold, lightweight, and the LED and reverse switch make it a convenient choice.



Black & Decker CS3653LC-GB 3.6V Li-Ion Screwdriver

Another Black & Decker, this time an upgrade from the previous offering, with superior design overall and additional features for added convenience and improved battery performance. This drill will give you the best balance between performance and price.

Features include:

  • Adjustable grip, so you can choose between in-line or pistol orientation to suit any kind of task
  • Battery metre to know how much power remains for your work
  • Convenient LED light for working in dark corners and cupboards
  • Micro USB compatible port for charging
  • 18 month battery life between charges
  • Magnetic bit holder

This cordless drill boasts some interesting additional features beyond the earlier model. The adjustable grip is genius, allowing you to effectively change the drill to suit your needs. The battery metre is also beneficial to make sure you get the most out the long-life battery.



Bosch IXO Cordless Screwdriver – Our Pick!

The Bosch IXO is a great choice of cordless drill, with some sophisticated features to enhance comfort and battery life, and it will run for several hours between charges.

Features include:

  • Forward/reverse operation
  • Micro-USB charging system, charges in just three hours
  • Integrated spotlight for working in dark areas
  • Integrated Softgrip
  • Direction and charge indication for easy use
  • Long-life battery
  • Free 2-year guarantee with an extendable warranty if you register with MyBosch

Bosch have produced a top quality tool in the IXO. Building on the features shown in the previous two drills, the Bosch includes a rapid-charging system and a 2-year guarantee. Lightweight and comfortable, the Bosch IXO is our top recommendation.






There are a lot of cordless drills out there to choose from. All three of the drills on our list sport LED lights and a forward/reverse switch. They are all designed with comfort a priority and are simple to use. There are crucial differences however.  If cost is your overriding concern you’ll favour the Black & Decker CS3651LC-GB, but if you desire additional features and improved battery life, you’ll look elsewhere.

The Black & Decker CS3653LC-GB is good value, being packed with features including the adjustable grip. The top recommendation however is the Bosch. Its long-life battery, lightweight, rapid charge system and generous warranty make it a sound option.

Spending some time reading through our reviews and giving a little thought to the features you will find most useful will ensure you get the right choice for you.

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