Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw – Reviews 2017 – 2018

Product Name Features Price Point Rating Visit
Bosch PSA SDS Quick Change Blades – Orbital Function – Safety Trigger Mid Range CHECK THE PRICE HERE!
Makita Shoe Guide – Two blade types – Variable Speed Mid Range CHECK THE PRICE HERE!
Ryobi Toothless Blade Clamp – 22mm Stroke Length – Anti-Vibration Affordable CHECK THE PRICE HERE!

Top 3 Cordless Reciprocating Saw

One of the most versatile tools that can be used for a multitude of things is the reciprocating saw. It is designed to be able to cut through most materials faster and easier than hand saws. It is perfect for those who need to cut large pieces of wood or trim branches off trees. It can also be used to cut metal sheets and other materials.

This list features the top three reciprocating saws on the market today.

Bosch PSA 18 LI – Our Number 1

Bosch PSA 18 LIThis compact saw from Bosch is ideal for those outdoor DIY or garden jobs. It has a strong motor and very sharp blades designed to cut most materials. Let us see some of its features.

  • The Lithium-Ion battery gives extended life and quick recharging. This means you can work for long periods between charges.
  • The SDS quick change system means you can change the blades very quickly. This is convenient and means you don’t need a tool to change the blades.
  • The orbital function gives you the option of pre-selecting the speed. This allows you to cut many types of material.
  • It has a safety trigger as well as a guard near the blade to prevent injury. This means you can use this product safely wherever you are.

The Bosch PSA 18 LI (learn more here!) is a very capable product that is made all the more versatile by its cordless design. A great alternative to hand saws.


Features: SDS Quick Change Blades – Orbital Function – Safety Trigger

Pricing: Mid-Range



Makita DJR185Z – Number 2

Makita DJR185ZThe Makita Cordless Reciprocating Saw is another compact example. It has strong blades that can cope with any material and is adjustable to help with awkward angles. Here are some of its features.

  • The shoe that guides the saw can be adjusted to suit the material and the angle of work. This makes the saw able to cope with a variety of situations.
  • It is able to accept not only reciprocating blades but also jigsaw blades. This adds to the products versatility.
  • There is a variable speed control that enables you to cut with precision and care if needed.
  • Twin triggers including a paddle trigger make it easier to use the saw depending on the most comfortable way you want to hold it.

This reciprocating saw from Makita is a very versatile tool. Being able to use it as a reciprocating saw or jigsaw, gives you many more possibilities.


Features: Shoe Guide – Two blade types – Variable Speed

Pricing: Mid-Range



Ryobi RRS1801M ONE+ – Number 3

Ryobi RRS1801MThis product has all the things you need from a reciprocating saw, but at a slightly cheaper price. The Ryobi range is well made and offers a long serviceable life. Let us see some of the features.

  • It has a toothless blade clamp that enables the user to quickly change blades without the need for additional tools.
  • With a stroke length of 22mm, you can cut most sizes of wood and branches without any problems.
  • This product has anti-vibration technology which helps to reduce fatigue and also make for a more comfortable operation.
  • It has an adjustable shoe which helps to protect the blade and keep the 

The Ryobi RRS1801M ONE+ is a great all round saw that can handle most types of material such as wood, metal, and plastics. It is also easy to operate and should be durable to last a long time.


Features: Toothless Blade Clamp – 22mm Stroke Length – Anti-Vibration

Pricing: Affordable




The top spot on the list goes to the Bosch PSA LI. With its compact design and quick blade change system, it will really be a benefit in the home or trade. It also has the added benefit or the latest Lithium-Ion technology.


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